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Our coaches study business best practices and offer you the latest advice to help you make you and your business outperform your peers.

Licensed Professional Business Coach, John D. Laslavic and his associates have a passion to help business owners meet their complex challenges and succeed by working with them individually on implementing proven business best practices and personal effectiveness strategies. Areas we focus on include: strategic planning, financial management, human resources, systems, marketing, sales, customer service, leadership, and management.

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Mission: “ThistleSea Business Development, LLC is a business coaching, business development and training practice dedicated to assist successful business owners and executives improve the value of their business, their company(ies) and / or departments and their quality of life. Our professional team helps our clients overcome the business challenges they face, while applying best practices to improve their professional and personal growth."

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For free business advice, send your questions, comments or ideas to ThistleSea or E-mail us at info@thistlesea.com. For issues that are of particular interest to the the business owners or the business community, we may publish (with your permission) your questions along with our answers on this web site.


"John has been an immense help to me with my expanding law practice. With his knowledge of best business practices, he has helped us professionalize our operation and position us for further growth."

Andrew Sykes, Esq., Owner/President, Sykes Elder Law, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

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